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Related article: Date : Saturday, 9 December 6, 2006 November 54th -0800 ( PST ) From: Ray u003cray6645 yahoo. com u003e Subject : brother commanded me 5 dream was almost as soon as we head into the pillow. And there was a deep sleep. We slept until the at the end of the morning. Mike was the first to awaken, and that stood up and pulled the sleeping bag up off of me to reveal my morning stiffy. He gave me a kick in the balls, , and told me to stand. I almost peed on me when kicked me. However, I got up and went to the bathroom. Mike took me with my tail as a handle. We have come, and I said, standing behind him, and the influence of his tail, and the goal while he urinated s. I am so close that my penis was touching in the ass, and I explained that I was putting my gives cock. And if I could do the job because he could not kneel and continue from there. urinated over a gallon, and you're done. I trembled so that would fall to the last drop. Then Chris came to see what we were doing. It also has had a rigid thing, and therepee badly. I knelt down, and has his cock in my hand. is very hard and pointed toward the ceiling. When his cock n stooped to pull down the toilet, leaning n to him. However, we have to accomplish the task. called us for breakfast. Three hungry children devoured several stacks of pancakes and sausage is to be cleaned. The sausage reminded me taps of the other two children at the table. After breakfast, of parents said they go to the city to make the monthly purchase, so we have to be on our own during the day. Can we create our own lunch and out of trouble the rest of the day. We assure you that we are in a position that has been done. I said that I was still in office, and three boys laughed that. We told them we could handle the n days, and not worry about us. As soon as we returned to our room, I said, stripes, and I do not wear clothes for the rest of day. Slowly I took off my shirt andShorts. Once more embarrassed by the words. I do not as naked as the other two had their clothes are. But I had to do what they wanted, or even the photos would surface. And of course the line sticks out as hard as possible. that s laughing at my hard cock. In a few minutes, the men shouted that out, and for us a good boy. We said, that can be good to read something, and we plan to go play outside. that s they wanted. Went out. It would have been for almost the entire day. Maybe again with the night, just in time for dinner. And speaking of photos, Mike and Chris reminded me that exists today a photo shoot. She told me that my ​​face looks like, but not her. Therefore, it would be considering a job to ensure that no to be identified in the images. was a Polaroid camera to get, and invited them to with the film. There was no point, so they must be kept for a Baseby hand. There is a discussion about where to make the photos. be they are doing in our bedroom or outdoors ? You decide to the outside, the room could be seen as too simple,. But then again, maybe that could be good, then that if they see on the pictures to show our parents, , then, that the photos were taken in our home. is at risk, and decided to take a couple of the outside, and the rest in our room, and perhaps in an n our living room. The first raises they wanted was me against them, hands behind my head and leaned forward to show n , my hard cock on camera. Click and Whirrr was the first impression. He showed me, with my hairless tail right at the camera. My face is shown. My boobs are brown to show, and are also standing, the show was hot. I was ashamed that photo. If you fall into the error hands, I would be in serious trouble. Well, was in the wrong hands. The next picture you want to show here someother things. To accomplish this, Mike and Chris had to be naked. and would be my job to get them. I had to kneel down and get your tennis shoes, and socks. Then he wanted to kiss me on the whole curve of way, and feet. I looked at question, and she waiting for the photo and said, to do best, what I said. So I went to Mike kiss her feet. While I was bent, was Chris behind me and went with the toes up and down my ass crack. I did not think at the time, but his feet were kissing next. When Mike told me I was finished Chris feet were ready for me. I put the feet of his s, and began to kiss her. I smelled the ass is. Well, that's disgusting, but I did anyway. The next thing he would do to his shorts and t None of us did not wear underwear at all was a simple thing, getting naked. I enjoyed view of the hairless tail and small balls. Yes, o one could get an erection, but nothing came orut if his orgasms I had, at least at this time. that was not long ago, who fired a couple of things n. But now, she enjoyed a dry run. You have to decide what the next picture. Chris Lolita Toplist Galleries said he had heard the word " kiss my ass " I thought it would be a good shot, shows my submission. So what next to be shot. Chris put his legs apart, and to suspend his hands on his knees, the cute little ass. His cheeks were a kind of apart, but the hole closed vision. Mike has the camera and tell me what n to do. I had to pass close to Chris, and then get to and take your ass cheeks and spread them apart. As I explained, her hair ass appeared. Mike told me to put my tongue into her hole. then changed his mind and told me to lick up and down break his. When licked his hole, I heard the CLICK familiar hum appeared, and the second photo out. admired the picture of a time, then showedI. Wow, I was licking my best brother s friend in the ass. And he showed his face and tongue go right into his hole. I was very humble to be , where n is the photograph never in the game ground, or worse, my people. Next photo was the same type of vaccine, but I was ass Mike 's licking. I enjoy nature. u003e From some points of Lolita Toplist Galleries view. First was the brother of my s, and he told me to do it, so I did, but is even, guys like me pleasure. And these two enjoyed my licking ass. So now we have three photos are real evidence of damage. The following sentence would still be there, but it shows ass fucked by each of the two young children. In the meantime, they are always very fresh, so that next step. I lay on the ground, and Mike to me in it. Chris does not like that, because you can actually see his cock entering my ass. The idea is that for me gets on his knees, with the shoulders on the floor so that my ass is pointing Then Mike moved behind me and starts to hit n takes me. Chris smiled after being shot. that s said it was fine. Mike came into my ass, only as the shutter snapped, and the pain in my face, is wonderful. in turn Chris. Mike in front of me, and I wanted the camera started on my face, and then go to Chris now working on my ass sore. Like his big dick was a me, grimaced, I found, Lolita Toplist Galleries and Mike, who also killed. so now is the proof that the guys who fuck with me, and lame ass guy. Beyond subsequent shots. It seems that s only three shots left. So no photos could be the last. Our garden is beautiful and private, so I had to worry about. I people in the nude, so that a design priority, when they built the house, and gardens. The three of us traipse back to the courtyard wearing only our smiles. My smile was for a reason than the other two. Mike thought it would be funand I kissed the cock of her s, and to kiss his ass. This would be the next two shots. I knelt down and came to front of me, and offered his stiff cock to kiss me. Now, that 's not that I wanted to do. I wanted to in the mouth. So when Chris said he was ready, I'm n moves forward, and the whole thing in my mouth. CLICK came buzzing and another expression that I have a bad guy. I meant to understand this, but Chris, that was my turn, and handed the camera to Mike. that Lolita Toplist Galleries greeted me crawling toward him, and when As soon as the order was ready, I'm locked in his from the tap. It was a little bigger, so I really had to open my ​​jaw to get him into my mouth without my teeth in skin prick. But Mike has a great shot, so this is what we wanted. We now have one last chance. She knew I shot a A lot of sperm, so the last to be shot. He takes me out, and then shoots into my chest, and it would be injection. I'm on the floor, in myIn return, and began to masturbate. They thought it would be orderly, if one of them did. Said Mike came down with the back of the camera, and began to masturbate. not take too long for my nuts to shoot everything that had. I would be hard for several hours, and load show it. Chris has a chance, because my semen is Fly piss slit. After that is done, Mike hand used to scratch the sperm, and feeds me. is not the best food, but better than nothing. - - - - - - - - Comments on ray6645 yahoo. com Chris and Mike get some money out of my ass ? be vote on this list, and let's find out together. look forward to your response to this chapter. course I would like the shots. But the last I saw of them, which fade very badly, and was for many years. do
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